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"Go into all the world and preach the Gospel to every creature"      Mark 16:15

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Support Us

       The FTS community is grateful for those who, under God, support us through prayer and by offering their money towards the ministry of the seminary.



- For the staff of the seminary. Their names, photos and some details are available on “the faculty profile” section of the website.
- For the current students that the Lord would prepare them all for a lifetime of faithful and fruitful service for God’s Kingdom, and strengthening them to serve as Godly women and men.
- For the alumni that their ministry will be fruitful and successful.
- For our support networks- for those who serve on committees which assist the work of the Seminary, for the churches and individual Christians who support us and for the other people and organizations which the   Seminary community comes into contact with.

At  present ,the Seminary would particularly welcome financial contributions in support of its :

1. Library books acquisition program 

2. Sponsoring needy students.

You can make financial gifts to FTS in the following ways:
- By sending a cheque made out to “Faith Theological Seminary”, posted to

Faith Theological Seminary, P.O Box- 431, Kohima- 797001, Nagaland; India.
- By direct transfer: call our office for details.

If you are considering making a large gift or bequest to the college, we would suggest the following:
- Make contact with the Seminary’s Principal or Academic Dean by phone or in writing through our office (details above). If it is appropriate they will make an appointment to discuss your proposed gift and how it can best be used by the Seminary. 
- At different points in time, the financial needs of the Seminary vary somewhat. Gifts to current or anticipated areas of need can have greater impact for the Kingdom of God than gifts to other areas.